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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the questions we're asked most often.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please let us know.

General Questions 4

  • What sort of projects will you take on?

    We will consider any project providing it is legal, tasteful and honest. However we are most excited by anything to do with alternative energy, ecological living (e.g. permaculture, local resilience, transition), holistic health, personal development, encouragement for young people, live music and drama.

  • What does it cost to produce a video?

    This depends entirely on the complexity of each project. As a guide you might expect to pay £500 for a day's filming and £250 per day spent on post production. A typical project requires at least two days' post production for each day's filming. In discussion with you we will be pleased to agree a fixed price for any production.

  • We have no experience of television or video. Can you still help us?

    Absolutely! We will advise you of the most cost-effective way of utilising video for your project and ensure we understand what you hope to achieve. Then we will use our skills to turn your ideas into a polished production that achieves your objectives.

  • We've no budget. Will you work for nothing?

    We value our work and it's important you value it too, just as you value your project. We may be prepared to work for what you can afford to pay, rather than the commercial rate for the job. We may also be able to suggest innovative ways of funding what we do for you, such as commercial sponsorship, or a grant.

    It will cost you nothing to get in touch with us and find out how we might help you. We make no charge for this and you will not commit yourself in any way. Just tell us what you hope to achieve and we'll let you know how we might be able to help you.

Your Own Videos 3

  • I have precious memories on VHS tapes. Are they safe?

    No! As your cassette tapes age there will come a point when they shed their coating and will no longer play. Your VCR is also on borrowed time! At the earliest opportunity you should transfer tapes to a digital format. DVDs are ideal for long-term storage. If you have an analogue > digital converter and a suitable burner you can do this yourself. We charge £10 per cassette to convert and burn any non-copyright material to DVD.

  • Can you do anything with Betamax tapes?

    If you have a working Betamax machine, we can use it to replay your cassettes and make DVD copies. We charge £10 per cassette to convert and burn any non-copyright material to DVD.

  • Can you transfer old movies?

    Sorry no. To produce a good result requires specialist scanning facilities. We suggest you try cine2dvd.co.uk who claim to provide the best service in Scotland. They charge 10p per foot of film, so a standard 8mm reel will only cost £5 to preserve and enjoy. Great value for money!

Job Vacancies 1

  • Any jobs going?

    From time to time we need help with specific projects and call upon people as required. To add your name to our list, please e-mail your details. Previous experience is valuable, but not essential, as we offer training. If video production excites you we look forward to hearing from you!