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What We Do

Whether you are putting on a play, building a turbine or planning your wedding, the first thing we do is ask questions, to find out as much as possible about your hopes and dreams. Once we understand your aspirations we will suggest the most effective ways we can capture what's important and turn these elements into a presentation best suited to your intended audience. Obviously there is significant difference between entertaining friends and family with your wedding and persuading the local community to back your micro power station, but in each case our aim is to provide a video that achieves your objectives.

During our initial discussion we will establish what needs to be filmed, agree a budget and a schedule. We will also advise you of anything you need to do in preparation for filming.

The latest digital technology is significantly more sensitive than yesterday's analogue equipment. This enables us to minimise any disruption by filming with smaller, lighter cameras and minimal lighting. Microphones can be concealed. Set up times are minimal. 

Recording sharp, steady pictures and clear sound is only the start of the story. Painstaking post production is what makes a video outstanding. Using the very best digital editing facilities  enables us to polish your production in all respects, getting your messages across succinctly, with slick imagery and a compelling sound track.

Your finished presentation needs to reach its intended audience. We can distribute this for you on the most appropriate media, whether on disk, solid state memory or via the internet. We have our own duplication facilities for burning and printing DVDs, Blu-ray disks and CDs.