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Who We Are

Chris & Jan AttkinsChris and Jan Attkins started Scotland's first independent video production company back in 1980, producing promotional and training videos for all types and sizes of organisations. During twenty years in Glasgow they employed and trained over 60 staff, many of whom now hold senior positions in the television industry.

Chris initially worked in the film unit of BBC Scotland, before training as a film editor with STV. Realising that electronic pictures would eventually displace film, he opted to retrain as a camera operator, working both in studio and on outside broadcasts. When hand-held cameras were developed, Chris spotted an opportunity to take video production into the community and Flashback was born.

Jan was involved with Flashback from the beginning. Our very first job was a wedding video and Jan was crawling along the floor laying cables the day before giving birth to our third son! Gaining wide experience with clients, developing scripts, filming on location and overseeing edits, Jan bloomed as a producer, eventually making more programmes for Scottish Television than any other independent company. 

Since relocating to Arran in 1997, as Positive Pictures, Chris and Jan have produced dozens of videos for community groups and local businesses. 

We have always encouraged young people to explore the world of video production. To this end we are always delighted to hear from anyone keen to collaborate with us on local projects.